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Shame on Greece

The Greek tragedy has filled newspapers and other media for months. All financial details have been explored. But one point seems to have been ignored: that the bunch of politicians who led Greece into disaster need to be punished – by the Greeks themselves.

Where is the Public Prosecutor who names the names of the Nea Dimokratia and PASOK criminals who destroyed Greece’s international reputation and financial status? Where is the court to bring the culprits to trial? Why are they still living in their villas as free men instead of being transferred to Korydallos prison?

Greece has not made any serious effort to re-establish its credibility by breaking with a crime-ridden past characterized by cooking the books, falsifying national statistics, lying to Brussels and the world and recklessly indebting the nation.

Even more surprisingly, Euro zone governments, the European Central Bank and the IMF are helping a Greek government which protects the criminals by not bringing them to trial. Apparently it never occurred to Brussels power mongers and Washington financial bureaucrats that a Greece cannot be trusted which refuses to punish those who inflicted terrible damage on the country.

While the financial markets and the foreign rescuers are narrowly focused on economic and financial issues, the huge moral issue receives hardly any attention.

They should be more cautious. A Turkish newspaper recently reported that the CIA considers a military coup in Greece a possibility. It does not matter whether the story was a fake or credible: ordinary honest citizens in Greece are exasperated at the behavior of their political class. The military is proud and patriotic and might feel the urge to catch the entire bunch of politicians and lock them up on a few infamous islands as it happened already once, on April 21st, 1967.

Any military intervention would be a disaster and toss Greece even deeper into the abyss. It would deal a vicious blow to Europe and the Euro zone. But the military have their own ways of seeing things.

Apparently, the message has arrived in Brussels, Washington and Berlin. Suddenly, all opposition to the preparation of a second rescue package for Greece seems to have evaporated. But has the message also arrived in Athens? Has Giorgos Papandreou understood that he is dancing on a volcano?

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—— T.C. Sempronius